India lifts all coronavirus restrictions for tourists

India lifts all coronavirus restrictions for tourists

As of November 22, India has lifted coronavirus restrictions for travelers from other countries

This was reported in the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of the country. The rules on the Delhi Airport website have also been updated. Before traveling, we recommend that you check with the airline about the restrictions. There were cases when they were canceled, but travelers were still not allowed into the country without coronavirus documents.

Who can enter India

Under the new rules, you do not need to present a vaccination certificate or a negative PCR test to enter India. Travelers are no longer required to complete the Air Suvidha Coronavirus Questionnaire. Tourists are only advised to get vaccinated, and during the flight to India – to use masks and maintain social distance. But nobody plans to check it.

What are the coronavirus restrictions?

Of the mandatory requirements of the Indian Ministry of Health, only the rule of disembarking passengers in compliance with the distance, as well as checking those arriving in the country with the help of a thermal imager, remained. 2% of passengers on each flight may selectively be asked to take a coronavirus test upon arrival. At whose expense – do not specify. Those who test positive or show symptoms of COVID-19 during the screening will be isolated and taken to a medical facility.

All travelers upon arrival in India must independently monitor their health. If you develop symptoms of the disease, you must report it to the nearest medical facility or call the toll-free number of the national helpline 1075. Such rules will remain in effect until further notice from the Indian authorities.