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Top 10 Reasons You Must Visit Tripura At Least Once In Your Life

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29 states and 7 union territories, varied culture and some amazing facts make our country truly incredible. Let's make the most of this combination and move towards the state which is known for its tribes, traditions and intricate crafts, the fascinating state of Tripura. Tucked away in the far-off North East is the beautiful state of Tripura. But what is Tripura famous for?

Things You Should Know About Tripura?

An integral part of seven sisters, Tripura is located in the North-East India and is a pollution-free & peaceful state. Bounded by 2 Indian and 1 international border, the state lies in the southernmost part of North East India.

In Sanskrit, Tripura means 'three cities'. The word 'Tripura' is a compound of two separate words, 'tui' (water) + 'pra' (near) which in totality means 'near water'.

Tripura became a Union Territory in 1956 and achieved the full status of a state in 1972. It is the third smallest state of India after Goa and Sikkim.

So, what is Tripura famous for? If you want to visit this state, then you can explore the various enthralling places that are located here. The state has many natural charms. The sightseeing tour of this state will provide a delightful and charming experience for a tourist. There are various architectural wonders in this state like Kunjaban and Neermahal Palace. Tripura is considered to be an ideal tourist spot in the North East, for its.

Rolling green valleys, dense woods, some attractive places, and spotless Buddhist sites would make you forget the worries of daily life as you travel to Tripura. It is the only visit to the State Museum that unravels many secrets of this beautiful land.

Top 10 Reasons You Should Visit Enchanting Tripura – Know What Is Tripura Famous For

Here is the list of 10 things why you should visit Tripura:

1.) At number 1, it’s the famous Unakoti hills. Located amidst the lush green forest of North Tripura, Unakoti showcases Lord Shiva's engraving on huge rocks that were done in the 7th century. It mainly features a number of huge rock carvings, which claim a heritage dating back to the 11th century.  This place is literally amazing. Although the site offers a unique sight which is a treat to the eyes, reaching there may not be very easy. Otherwise, it's worth a visit if you are a history and culture enthusiast. So, next time someone asks you what is Tripura famous for, tell them about Unakoti Hills.

unakoti hills

2.) At number 2 is the Neermahal which was the former royal palace in South Tripura India. This place is a hidden beauty and is often not talked about. Situated in the middle of Rudrasagar Lake, Neermahal is a water palace that was built by incorporating the styles of Muslim and Hindu. It has a spectacular view. It is second of its kind in entire India after the Jal Mahal in Rajasthan. The palace with its beautiful garden is a must-visit and if one is lucky one will see a rainbow against the dark sky. The palace garden especially offers shelter for different kinds of birds.

Neer mahal

3.) Next is the Chabimura in Tripura which is subject to God and Goddess in rock carving. The first look at the panoramic view is spellbinding. Located near Devtamura hills on the banks of river Gomti is an archaeological site of Chabimura, a hidden gem, now undergoing massive tourist transformation. Chabimura is mainly famous for boat riding in the Gomati River.

Chabimura in Tripura

4.) Tripura is rich in flora and fauna. The wildlife sanctuaries are an added bonus to Tripura's sightseeing. The wildlife lovers will certainly want to come to this state for visiting the various wildlife destinations viz. Gumti, Sepahijala, Trishna and Rowa wildlife sanctuaries that are the abode to many animals, birds, insects, and plant kingdom. Tripura offers excellent opportunities for eco-friendly tourism and different wildlife sanctuaries in the state offer various attractions to the tourists.

Clouded leopard and spectacled monkey are the main centers of attraction in the Sipahijala W.S.

Tripura wildlife sanctuary

5.) If someone wants to enjoy the song of silence, Jampui is your choice. The serene surroundings with lush green is a wonderful treat to eyes. The silence is often broken by the sound of crickets. The Jampui hills located in North Tripura is the most attractive hill point of Tripura.  If you visit in the monsoon as we did, you will find lush green hills which have its own beauty. If you travel in the winters, you will find a sea of oranges in the hills as there are a lot of orange orchards present there which makes up for a unique view.  In a nutshell, it is "the call of the greens".

jampui hills

6.) Ujjayanta Palace, one of the modern architectural beauty at the heart of Agartala city, is another well-known tourist spot in Tripura. It was once a royal palace of the kingdom of Tripura and now serves as a state museum that showcases the lifestyle, arts, culture, tradition and utility crafts of communities residing in NorthEast India. There is also a separate hall reserved for Rabindranath Tagore, who happened to visit Tripura 7 times. In short, this is an architectural beauty with an informative museum inside. 

ujjayanta palace

7.) Heritage park of Tripura is famous for the mini Tripura inside it. You can get an idea about the tourist spots in Agartala from this park. This is a must-visit place if one is in Agartala. Beautiful idea encased in a park behind the Governor house which emulates the topography of Tripura and its different districts. To add to its beauty and utility each district has many models of the different tourist attractions. It also has a mini Railway which stations showing you how you can get to the different parts of the state.

It also shows the rich biodiversity of the state of Tripura and is a tourist attraction that one must not miss.

heritage park of tripura

8.) The Indo-Bangladesh border evening ceremony is a must-watch ceremony.

9.) The Dumboor lake comes next. One of the best places in Tripura which are still unexplored and an answer to the question, what is Tripura famous for. It is not just an ordinary lake instead is an association of so many islands and widely spread water body. Sunrise, as well as sunset, is worth watching here.

Dumboor Lake

10.) Finally, the food and handicrafts of Tripura.

You should visit Tripura for its landscape, culture, cuisine, palaces, heritage sites, sightseeing, viewpoints, temples, archaeological sites, wildlife, boating, waterfalls, handicrafts, birding, lakes, and landscape at least once in your lifetime.




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