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Tripura royal scion raises concern over increasing cases of crime against women

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The cases of crime against women seem to have worsened in Tripura, after the back-to-back incidents of rape cases coming into light.

Recently, a married woman was gang-raped and murdered at Udaipur, Khilpara on Sunday. She was a housewife.

A few days earlier, on September 24, another woman was brutally raped and dumped at the roadside by ten men. The incident took place at the capital city Agartala.

Keeping in view, the law and order situation in the state, the Royal Scion of Tripura, Pradyot Manikya has expressed deep concern over increasing crime rates against women in the state.

Pradyot Manikya, while expressing concern in a twitter post tweeted;

“Continuous reports of rapes across the state is really worrying. I appeal to the state govt to ensure that a separate women-only transportation system in the evenings is setup. Also, setup fast track courts to ensure criminals are punished and justice is given at the earliest”

Updated by: News Sources 2019-09-30 3:12 PM