4 man arrested for fraud in Tripura

4 man arrested for fraud in Tripura

In an incident, police from Tripura arrested four people involved in fraud cases and confiscated cash Rs 40 lakh from fifteen people from Tripura.

The fraudsters used the name of a reputable company headquartered in Mumbai, Deal Money Securities Pvt Ltd, to duplicate the victims.

The amount of fraud is expected to exceed Rs 1 crore, according to police. The police, however, returned the money to the 15 people who were cheated.

The four people arrested were lodged in Dumdum prison and will be produced on Friday at Agartala court.

Four people from West Bengal were arrested earlier this month by Kolkata police for cheating cases in Assam and West Bengal in a similar incident.

It is worth mentioning that Tripura police arrested two Turkish and two Bangladeshi nationals in connection with the stealing of huge amounts of cash from ATMs by ATM cloning devices installed on November 19 in the state capital.

Updated by: News Sources 2019-11-28 2:29 PM