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Home News The demand for Flags falls due to COVID in Tripura

The demand for Flags falls due to COVID in Tripura

The demand for Flags falls due to COVID in Tripura

Ahead of the Independence Day on August 15, flag makers and sellers in Agartala said that this year the demand for flags is lesser than the previous years due to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown.
Flagmakers said that usually, they would get bulk orders ahead of Independence Day but so far no such orders had been received and retail sales were also very less.
While speaking to ANI, Swapan Saha, a flag maker and seller said, "For the last 30 years, I have been making flags and there were four to five persons who used to work with me but this time due to the corona and lockdown, I'm working alone and could make around 500 flags. Earlier, we used to make around 5,000 flags."
"I used to work at my shop but now it is closed due to the lockdown and so I made them at my house. I can't ask my workers to make flags because I remain unsure if I can even sell these 500 flags I made. This time due to lockdown, my shop will remain closed up to August 11," he added.
"I am a wholesaler and a retailer of flags and stand among the highest sellers, but due to corona lockdown, the shop often remains closed and so the business is in a bad condition. By this time, I used to sell a large number of flags but this time I have not made any flag as there are no retail customers or wholesale demands," said Swapan Kumar Ray.
"We sell books, copies, stationery goods, and flags made of cloth and paper but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the sale is much less compared to earlier years," said Gobinda Deb, a stationery shop owner.



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