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SC Verdict on Ayodhya By Far -- Minute By Minute

SC Verdict on Ayodhya By Far -- Minute By Minute

11:01 (IST), NOV 09

Destruction of mosque in 1992 was in breach of SC order, says CJI-led bench

11:00 (IST), NOV 09

For 325 years, from the construction of the mosque till 1857, Muslims have given no evidence of offering prayers at the disputed structure in exclusion of Hindus, it says.

10:58 (IST), NOV 09

But Hindus always believed that the birthplace of Ram was in the inner courtyard of the mosque, says SC

10:57 (IST), NOV 09

But documents show that prior to 1857, Hindus were not barred from worshipping in the inner courtyard. The railings segregating the outer and inner courtyard was made in 1857: SC

10:56 (IST), NOV 09

SC: Though there were obstructions, Muslims continued to offer namaz inside the inner courtyard. So, the Muslims have not abandoned the mosque

10:55 (IST), NOV 09

It is clearly established that while Muslims offered prayers inside the inner courtyard, the same was done by Hindus in the outer court yard: SC

10:53 (IST), NOV 09

Mere existence of a structure beneath the mosque cannot lead to a title today even if the SC finds that it was a Hindu temple, SC says

10:51 (IST), NOV 09

Act of placing idols inside the central dome in December 22-23, 1949 has been challenged by Sunni Waqf Board. SC says Sunni Board's suit is maintainable.

10:49 (IST), NOV 09

Accounts of travellers and historians mention faith of Hindus that the place is birthplace of Lord Ram. The account of travellers has to be read with circumspection, SC says

10:48 (IST), NOV 09

Whether belief and faith is justified is beyond the ken of judicial scrutiny: SC

10:47 (IST), NOV 09

Faith and belief of Ayodhya being birthplace of Ram is undisputed so is that of Muslims to worship at the mosque: SC

10:46 (IST), NOV 09

Title of the land can be decided only on legal evidence, SC says

10:45 (IST), NOV 09

Archaeological evidence supports an underlying structure of Hindu origin, it says

10:44 (IST), NOV 09

Archaeological evidence cannot be brushed aside as conjecture and hypothesis. Babri Masjid was not constructed on vacant land but on a Hindu structure, rules SC

10:42 (IST), NOV 09

ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) credentials are beyond doubt and the findings cannot be neglected, says CJI 

10:41 (IST), NOV 09

SC says that the disputed land was the government land in the revenue records

10:40 (IST), NOV 09

Nirmohi Akhara suit is not maintainable and it has no shebait rights (priestly rights), rules SC

10:39 (IST), NOV 09

Idols of deity were placed at the structure in 1949: CJI

10:37 (IST), NOV 09

Places of Worship Act reaffirms commitment of India to protect the interests of all religious communities, says CJI-led bench


Source -- Times of India 

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