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NRC Will Not Be Beneficial For Me Or My Land Biplab Deb

NRC Will Not Be Beneficial For Me Or My Land  Biplab Deb

With a comment on the National Register of Citizens (NRC), Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb has stirred up a hot debate on social media.

A video clip has gone viral on social media, where it is alleged that it would cost him his chair to update the National Register of Citizens (NRC) in his government.

Deb is seen in the video saying his father and relatives came from Bangladesh and if NRC is implemented in Tripura, he would be among those affected by it.

“My relatives, my father came from Bangladesh. He has got his citizenship card…After that, I was born in Tripura. So, if anyone suffers a loss due to NRC, I shall lose my chief minister’s post first. Am I a fool that I shall implement NRC to lose CM’s chair?” Deb is seen saying in the video clip.

The video has been widely shared on Facebook, Twitter and various social media sites that have prompted a storm of netizens ' comments.

The video clip is an excerpt from the chief minister's press conference at Raiganj and Kaliyaganj in West Bengal's North Dinajpur district, where he spent three days in a by-election campaign.

But, according to sources, media advisor to the chief minister, Sanjay Mishra, was of the opinion that some with vested interest took the video clip out of context for dirty politics.

Biplab is seen talking in support of NRC and the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill in the full video clip saying they were intended to protect Indians, Mishra said.



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