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Home News Mizoram News : ZPM seeks repeal of CAA

Mizoram News : ZPM seeks repeal of CAA

Mizoram News : ZPM seeks repeal of CAA

Zoram People's Movement (ZPM), the youth wing of Mizoram's main opposition party, wrote to President Ram Nath Kovin on Thursday, urging him to rethink the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) so that it is not implemented in the nation.

Governor P Sreedharan Pillai sent the letter.

The ZPM youth said in the letter that they had a firm stance against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act.

It said citizens in different parts of the country, including Mizoram, vociferously opposed the amended law.

In Mizoram, the people strongly opposed the amended act as it seeks to grant citizenship to illegal immigrants from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan, which violates the fundamental principle and some of the constitution's provisions, the letter said.

It said the ZPM youth are of the opinion that the fractional exclusion of some northeastern states from the act's purview infers the intention of the BJP-led central government to disintegrate the Northeastern people in order to "divide and rule" the country.

Mizoram's exclusion from the framework of the amended act does not really ensure that illegal migration from neighboring Bangladesh into the state is reviewed, the letter added.

The Mizoram University Students ' Council also urged the Center to scrap the revised citizenship law "divisive" and "unconstitutional" on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court decided to discuss the constitutional validity of the revised statute, but refused to stay.

Home Minister Amit Shah also said the Center would go ahead with the implementation of the law as it would not be possible to repeal any law once passed in parliament.

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