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Home News Meghalaya hopes to provide Bangladesh with 700 MW of electricity

Meghalaya hopes to provide Bangladesh with 700 MW of electricity

Meghalaya hopes to provide Bangladesh with 700 MW of electricity

Meghalaya is hoping to add another 700 Mega Watt to its ability to sell power to Bangladesh in the coming years.

During his recent meeting with Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheik Hasina in Dhaka on Thursday, Chief Minister of Meghalaya Conrad K Sangma said power was one of the topics he discussed with her.

“I mentioned to the Bangladesh Prime Minister about tourism, horticulture, minerals and trade, value addition and power. Power is one area which we are looking at, and it makes a lot of sense,” he said.

Meghalaya is at present a power-deficit state.

“About 5 to 6 power projects are in the phase of being implemented as well as upgradation, besides some new projects which will as a whole add about 700 MW to our capacity,” said Conrad Sangma.

“If that happens, we have some power to sell to Bangladesh. We are working towards completing those projects as soon as possible, and these are massive projects that require a lot of efforts and funds too,” he added.

Sangma said Meghalaya is also looking at transiting energy from Bhutan to Bangladesh, which is going to be a benefit for the country.

“If they (Bhutan) sell power to Bangladesh, Meghalaya’s infrastructure can be used which is an area of opportunity that is there for us,” he said.

During the Meghalaya delegation’s recent visit to Bangladesh, there was also discussion on the demand for setting up of more border haats apart from strengthening existing border haats.

“There was also a demand from both sides that there should lodging facilities on both sides of the international borders.”

“A lot of people, who come for trade and for business through proper route, require proper place to stay. We also need lodging facilities in places like Dalu, Dawki and other locations,” said the CM.

“This is not only the government, but private sector can also play a role which will again be another opportunity for tourism and livelihood for the people if they start lodges,” he added.

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