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Home News Meghalaya Dy CM denies “riffs” in MDA coalition over Speaker’s post

Meghalaya Dy CM denies “riffs” in MDA coalition over Speaker’s post

Meghalaya Dy CM denies “riffs” in MDA coalition over Speaker’s post

A day ahead of the crucial meeting of the Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA), Deputy Chief Minister, Prestone Tynsong has denied any rift among the coalition partners over the Speaker’s post.

The crucial meeting will be held on Tuesday to discuss the post of Speaker and the bye-election to the Shella Assembly constituency.

“All the MDA partners are intact. There is no question of any rift among the coalition partners. All the pertinent issues including the post of the Speaker and the bye-election will be deliberated in detail in tomorrow’s meeting,” Tynsong, who is also the senior of the National People’s Party (NPP), stated here on Monday.

When apprised that the majority of the allies are “not happy” over the claim of the UDP on the post of Speaker, he said that he does not see any harm on the stand of the UDP to claim that the post of Speaker belongs to them.

“The other allies in the MDA are also free to stake their claim over the Speaker’s post. But a final decision on the post would be decided by all the allies of the MDA,” Tynsong said.

When asked if the failure to arrive at a consensus decision on the Speaker will lead to the instability of the NPP led MDA Government, he said that the question of instability does not arise. “All the MDA partners are committed to ensuring that the present coalition Government lasts the full term,” he said.

Meanwhile, United Democratic Party (UDP) Parliamentary Party leader, Metbah Lyngdoh said that the PP of the party would meet to decide whom, from among the MLAs, would be projected for the post of Speaker.

“We are going to meet since the CEC of the party had left it to the PP to decide on the issue of Speaker’s post,” Lyngdoh.

Earlier, Urban Affairs Minister and People’s Democratic Front MLA, Hamlet Dohling had castigated the UDP for claiming that the post of Speaker of the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly belongs to them and it must go to them only.

Dohling had said that the PDF and United Progressive Front will discuss the matter and the coalition will project its candidate for the post of Speaker before the MDA alliance.

“However, the final call regarding the post of Speaker will be taken only in the MDA meeting”, Dohling said.

On the claim of UDP that the post of Speaker belongs to them as it was held by late leader Dr. Donkupar Roy, he said that the UDP has expressed their feelings that it should go to them.

“But it is not wise and right for them to claim that the post belongs to them and they can highlight and project their candidate,” Dohling added.

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