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Home News Chin people of Mizoram concerned about losing Voting rights

Chin people of Mizoram concerned about losing Voting rights

Chin people of Mizoram concerned about losing Voting rights

“In 2015 Chin people returned home as a  group to cast their votes.  They are ready to cast their ballots again but they are unsure about whether they can go home or not due to the COVID-19 pandemic and worried they may lose their voting rights.

The Chin Social Organization has frequently urged the Chin State government to deal with the return of Chin people arriving in Mizoram State, but the process is bogged down in delay.

Salai S.Hu Lian stressed “The people want to go back to the mother country during the COVID period. The main point is that many people want to see reforms to the Chin State government. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they face several obstacles.“

The Chin State government will allow the return of Chin ex-pats in India only after the plan has been submitted to the Union government, said U Soe Htet, Spokesperson of Chin State Government.

“Those who want to cast their votes need to be back home one month before Election Day. When the Mizoram government sends the list of those who want to return home, the Chin State government will forward it to the Union government."

U Soe Htet explained The State government will accept them once the Union government has given its approval.

So far the Chin State government has accepted around 230 people out of 40,000 migrant workers in Mizoram. We need to strengthen our efforts.

The returnees will be placed in 21-day quarantine when they arrive here.





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