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Ayodhya Verdict LIVE Update

Ayodhya Verdict LIVE Update


Nov 09, 02:26 pm (IST)

In a press conference, Owaisi further expressed his displeasure on the Supreme Court's Ayodhya verdict and said that he concurs with the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) and said that there has been "discrimination against Muslims and no one can deny it." He said, "Muslims are poor, but we’re not in such a state that we cannot buy a land for our Allah. We don’t need a piece of land in charity."

Nov 09, 02:35 pm (IST)

'If Babri Masjid Wasn’t Demolished What Would Have Been the Verdict Today', Asks Owaisi | "I want to thank all the lawyers who’ve fought the Babri Masjid case. I believe the Supreme court is ‘Supreme’ but not infallible. People responsible for the Babri Masjid demolition, today are being made the Trust." Owaisi said. He further asked, "Call it travesty or whatever, but if Babri Masjid wasn’t demolished that day what would have been the judgement today?"

Nov 09, 02:39 pm (IST)

'Entire Country on Road to Being a Hindu Rashtra' | A disenchanted Owaisi went on to say that today’s decision by the Supreme Court on Ayodhya is a victory of faith over facts. "The entire nation is marching on the way of being a ‘Hindu Rashtra’. I am not against peace. Nothing will happen in the country. There will be peace. But truth needs to be spoken. Don’t I have the right to say that I am not satisfied by SC judgement? I am exercising my freedom of expression. There was a mosque and will be there. There cannot be any compromise over it."

Nov 09, 02:40 pm (IST)

"We are fighting for our legal rights. We must reject the 5 acre land. As per my personal opinion we should reject the 5acre land offer as our fight was a right for legal rights. I am only scared that there are many Masjids where the Sangh parivar will claim rights," Owaisi said.

Nov 09, 02:42 pm (IST)

Press Statement of Advocate Shri Alok Kumar, Working President VHP: Today is a day of great rejoicing, satisfaction and fulfilment. After 491 years of struggles, numerous battles and innumerable sacrifices for the cause of the Temple at Sri Ram Janma Bhumi in Ayodhya, the Supreme Court of India has finally pronounced the truth and justice of the matter. This verdict, given after a marathon hearing of 40 days/200+ hours and without being distracted by a range of obstacles, is one of the greatest judicial verdicts in the world. The Hindu society the world over, forming one-sixth of the over seven billion global population, had been anxiously waiting for this verdict for nearly 70 years through all judicial processes at all levels. At the end of the day, that wait fructified and justice has prevailed. We express our gratitude to the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India!

Nov 09, 02:47 pm (IST)

Noida Police Takes 2 Into Preventive Custody for Spreading Rumours | Two people were taken into preventive custody on Saturday for allegedly spreading rumours on the Supreme Court's verdict in the Ayodhya land dispute case, police said. "One of them had called up the police on its emergency number 100 to report a planned violence by a community but his claims were found untrue," Senior Superintendent of Police, Gautam Buddh Nagar, Vaibhav Krishna, said. "The other is office bearer of a local political outfit and has a history of making comments and remarks that incite communal discord," he told PTI, adding that both of them have been taken into preventive custody.


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