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Home News Assam News : Guwahati may not get to host IPL Matches

Assam News : Guwahati may not get to host IPL Matches

Assam News : Guwahati may not get to host IPL Matches

Assam cricket fans are anxious-are they going to be able to enjoy IPL matches in Guwahati?

The general feeling at Barsapara Stadium is that Guwahati may not qualify to host IPL T20 matches.

Following the shameful wash-out of the India-Sri Lanka T20I match in Guwahati on January 5, the sense of uncertainty has peaked.

The first India-Sri Lanka series T20I match had to be abandoned by Assam Cricket Association ground staff due to a "school boy error."

Although Assam Finance Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma recently claimed that Guwahati would host three matches for the IPL, people are still unconvinced.

On November 6th in Guwahati, Rajasthan Royals co-owner Manoj Bedale announced that the team had opted for Barsapara Cricket Stadium as one of their home venues for IPL 2020.

The Rajasthan Royals team wanted to be in Guwahati for at least two of their IPL matches.

People would definitely have enjoyed Rajasthan Royals ' IPL matches in Guwahati because the team's local boy Riyan Parag is a middle-order star batsman.

The final decision on the fixing of IPL 2020 is likely to be taken by the BCCI Governing Council during the last week of January.

Yet, the possibility of Guwahati as a possible venue for IPL 2020 has begun to grow fainter.

The first India-Sri Lanka T20I match was played in Guwahati by Mamon Majumdar, a member of BCCI's Governing Council.

Interestingly, Majumdar was witness to ground personnel from Assam Cricket Association trying to dry the popping crease with steam iron, vacuum cleaner and hair dryers.

He has reportedly sent a report on the ground conditions of Barsapara Stadium to BCCI Governing Council Chairman Brijesh Patel, and the Assam Cricket Association's lack of preparedness.

Considering that the IPL 2020 is scheduled to start on March 29 with the final scheduled for May 24, the BCCI will probably not take the opportunity to host matches in Guwahati.

Starting in early April, Assam and other northeastern states regularly encounter Nor'westers or the Bordoichila, a strong local rain fall and thunder storm.

However, after the Assam Cricket Association's faux pas in the last T20I match with Sri Lanka, the Bordoichila's fear is sure to spoil Guwahati's prospect for IPL matches.

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