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Home News Around 15000 children from Nagaland will receive free education

Around 15000 children from Nagaland will receive free education

Around 15000 children from Nagaland will receive free education

Under the slogan ‘Every Child Counts’, NxtWave, powered by iB Hubs, Hyderabad will be providing free 4.0 education to 1 crore children from economically backward families across India including a total of 15,000 children from Nagaland.


The ‘India 4.0 - Dr APJ’ Project has been initiated in recognition of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, who has been a role model for many Indians to excel in technologies. The programme envisions every Indian child to think like Dr Kalam and be able to dream big and build transformative innovations.   


Children studying in classes 5-10 are eligible to apply and they will be taken care of until they reach the age of 21 years.


“Only 1000 children from the state have registered so far,” Nellayappan, Assistant Director of School Education said while encouraging more students to register and avail the free opportunity of this program (


“Students just have to spend 3-4 hours in a week and be willing to learn,” he informed. Also highlighting that it will be a completely online model, he said that “this programme is for students studying in any school whether private or government and is an industry-oriented latest computer technology programme.”


The programme will cover various aspects like Tech 4.0, Business 4.0 and Entrepreneurship 4.0, which are each designed to help children create and innovate.  In order to help a child connect from anywhere and learn, the programme will be completely online. They will be trained by industry experts and alumni of Stanford, IITs, IIMs, etc.


The selected students will further have access to online programmes like xPM 4.0 (Exponential Performance Mindset) which accelerates personal and professional growth required for the 21st Century and CCBP 4.0 (Continuous Capacity Building Program) to build industry-ready skills. Along with this, a comprehensive ecosystem for accelerated online learning is also designed with access to High-Performance Frameworks like ICP, IGP, ICQ, ATF and Hig Performance Tools like Advanced Portal, IDM 4.0, iB Com at free of cost.


To further accelerate online learning, Nellayappan also informed that the department will soon launch a programme wherein any willing individual can donate used smartphones. “These phones will be collected district wise and will be kept with the district nodal officers and those government school students who do not have smartphones can have access to it during a scheduled time,” he highlighted.


In this regard, he said that well-wishers can register in the departmental portal while stating hope that this will be a positive step towards solving the problem of children having no access to smartphones for their online classes.


Reference: The Morung Express

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