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Home News Against 'Tripureshwari' tea parcels, customer protested

Against 'Tripureshwari' tea parcels, customer protested

Against 'Tripureshwari' tea parcels, customer protested

Customers who buy bundles of 'Tripureshwari Tea' brand from the market have raised genuine protests about bundling and different issues. They request quick remedy of the blunders in bundling the tea. "We have no objection about quality however the parcels don't have any base retail value (MRP) rate which helps businesspeople charge any cost per bundle; no date of assembling or pressing is referenced, there is additionally no group number and expiry-that is, till when the tea contained in that can be devoured," said Sukanta Nandi, a client who bought a bundle today. He included that he has bought parcels of one hundred grams of 'Tripureshwari tea' at differential paces of Rs 10.00 and Rs 17.00 from various shops and requested that these lacunae be evacuated with proper bundling.

In the meantime, educated sources said that the Tripura Tea Development Corporation (TTDC) authority have just gotten underway a casual procedure of selling the two tea gardens under their influence to private gatherings from outside the state. As of now the state of the two tea gardens has weakened in all regards in light of the absence of care at the grassroots level and this is probably going to be utilized as a trick to auction both the nurseries.

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