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Home News Two labourers rescued a male elephant calf

Two labourers rescued a male elephant calf

Two labourers rescued a male elephant calf

Two agribusiness workers saved a male elephant calf from a WRC field in Yagrung close here in East Siang region on Monday. Afterwards, the infant elephant was given over to the authorities of the Pasighat Terrestrial Forest Division. 

The woodland authorities speculate that "the hefty water momentum of Remi stream may have cleared away the calf and isolated the creature from its parents."DFO (T) Tashi Mize requested that the residents advise in the event that they hear any sound of elephants close by so get-together of the calf with the herd can be started. Expressing that the calf is as of now under their authority, Tashi said the creature will be sent to Seijosa for restoration if necessary. There is an elephant hall at Yagrung-Tekang slopes connecting Poba RF along with Assam-Arunachal limit and Gutin RF at RamleBango (Nari-Koyu) zone under Siang area. 

In 2018, the foresters had saved another elephant calf from Kiyit town (Mebo). The calf was segregated from the group.

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