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8 most loved snacks in Sikkim

8 most loved snacks in Sikkim

Momos: Steamed wheat dumplings that look simple but take skill to perfect, momos are the perfect comfort food.


Aloo Chiura: Chiura is beaten rice, and features along with peanuts in a potato and tomato gravy to make “aloo chiura”, a popular street-food in Gangtok.


Chatamari: A rice pancake customary to the Newar, the ethnically Nepalese community of Sikkim, chatamari can be eaten plain or topped with meat or veggies.


Khuri: A roll stuffed with meat and vegetables, khuri is filling and delicious.


Phulaurah: These fritters are made of split black gram or buckwheat, soaked overnight, peeled and ground with spices to make the batter. Eaten hot off the pan with silam ko achar (pickled perilla seeds).


Tsampa: Ground roasted barley grains–tsampa is a tasty and nutritious snack of the Tibetan community.


Khapse: Also spelt khabzey, these fried biscuits of flour, sugar and milk are a Tibetan speciality for Losar, the new year.


Sha Phaley: Also spelled shapale, sha phaley is a half-moon-shaped, deep-fried Tibetan snack that is stuffed with meat or veggies.


Reference: CN Traveller



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