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Centre withdraws decision to open sacred peaks in Sikkim to tourists

Sikkim , 2019-09-02 11:17 AM
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In a big relief to the people of Sikkim, the Centre has withdrawn the decision to allow climbers and trekkers to scale Mount Kanchenjunga and fourteen other peaks regarded as sacred in Sikkim.

According to the state government, a high level meeting was convened by A. K. Bhalla, Home Secretary Government of India on 30th August 2019 at New Delhi.

During the meeting with representatives from the state government, many decisions were taken unanimously which included that fourteen Sacred peaks, (regarded as deities) of Sikkim will not be opened for mountaineering and trekking.

Ten other peaks of Sikkim will be allowed for mountaineering and trekking on the request of the Indian Mountaineering Federation (IMF).

This decision has been welcomed by the tribal groups and civil societies in Sikkim who had earlier threatened to launch a stir in the Himalayan state.

Mount Kanchenjunga is considered as a “guardian deity” in Sikkim along with many peaks, lakes, rocks, and hot springs regarded as “sacred” in the indigenous faith and Buddhism.

In 2001, the state government issued a notification notifying all the natural places of worship in Sikkim as “sacred”.

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