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Finale of Limboo Rhymes Competition

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 Fifteen children have made it to the finale of a State-level online Limboo rhymes competition organised by Yakthung Sapsok Saplon Chumbho Sukhim (Limboo Literary Publication Association Sikkim).
The top-15 participants were announced Friday on the official Facebook page of the association. They are Nasan Limboo (Darap, West Sikkim), Mingshu Hangma Limboo (Nesa, West Sikkim), Misek Limboo (Lingchom, West Sikkim), Suyenma Limboo (Singpheng, West Sikkim), Mangyang Kundhay Hangma Limboo (Hee Gaon, West Sikkim), Sudiksha Limboo ( Lingchom, West Sikkim), Itnim Limboo (Simbolay, West Sikkim), Sumbona Limboo (Singpheng, West Sikkim), Muksamma Limboo (Lingchom, West Sikkim), Adrishya Limboo (Nesa, West Sikkim), Nangzong Limboo ( Sidingbung, West Sikkim), Sabina Limboo (Sripatam, South Sikkim) Muenema Limboo (Sidingbung, West Sikkim), Rohil Limboo (Sombaria, West Sikkim), Leenaan Hangam Limboo (Sribadam, West Sikkim).
The competition is a first such organised by the Chumbho.  The virtual contest attracted as many as 65 kids from across the State.
After the first round of competition, held from July 10 to July 25, 15 finalists were selected for the final round to be held within the second week of August.
The online competition was launched among children to keep them engaged at home during the lockdown period. With all educational institutes closed amid the nationwide lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus, Chumbho conceptualised this competition to keep the children motivated and focussed, informs a press release.
“Since rhymes play a vital role in the transmission of language to the beginners, we settled on rhyme competition,” said the organisers.
The winners will be provided certificates along with cash award of Rs. 15,000 for first place, Rs. 11,000 for second place and Rs. 8,000 for third place.  Sukhim Yakthung Sapsok Songchumbho (Sikkim Limboo Literary Association) has also announced an additional cash award of Rs. 5,000 each to the winners.



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