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Monsoon rain lashes Tripura; Flash flood

Tripura , 2019-07-12 6:19 PM
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The monsoon rain lashes Tripura in the recent days and affects the state copiously with low-lying suburbs being submerged in rainwater.

According to MET department, heavy rain may occur in more areas of Tripura during the next 48 hours.

However, the rains have further cooled the air in the state capital with maximum temperature recorded at 29.1 degrees Celsius, which is minus 2 degrees Celsius from normal temperature and minimum temperature was recorded at 25.3 degrees Celsius on Friday.

Due to the ceaseless raining, normal life and traffic movements in Tripura have heavily been affected.

Sources said that AMC has failed to perform its duties by putting pumps to remove rainwater as a result of which, major parts of the city are under rainwater.

Traffic jams caused due to flooded areas have created a chaotic scene in and across the city. With the roads being submerged under rainwater coupled with the pathetic condition of sewerage systems and the alleged negligence of traffic police, normal life was badly hit.

Updated by: News Sources 2019-07-12 6:19 PM