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Sikkim | Sporting events should be adopted as business model, says CM P.S. Tamang

Sikkim , 2019-08-12 4:13 PM
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Chief Minister P.S. Tamang (Golay) attended the first semi-final match of late Tara Man Chettri Memorial Open Football Tournament at Melli playground, South Sikkim, on Sunday.

The tournament was organized by Independence Day Celebration Committee with the presence of DC South Ragul K, SP South Prawin Gurung, SDPO Jorethang S.K. Shrestha, SDM Jorethang R. Bhandari, panchayats, teachers, students, and local gentry.

Addressing the gathering, Golay spoke about the importance of playing any kind of sports in order to be physically and mentally fit. The budding young sports players should be encouraged in order to be an excellent sportsperson thereby bringing about laurels to the state.

He also cited examples of international footballers from the state like Nirmal Chettri, Robin Gurung and Bikash Jairu who were also playing in the match and elucidated that young players of Sikkim should follow the footsteps of these players.

He further emphasized that major sporting events in the State should be adopted as a business model and said the State government will provide the basic amenities for the development of this model.

The first semi-final match was played between Kanchenjunga Football Club (KFC) and Melli Football Club (MFC) wherein the former emerged winner with a scoreline of 3-2. Similarly, Suman Hazra goalkeeper of KFC was named as man of the match.

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