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Sikkim: Congress boycotts bypolls in protest against EC’s decision

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Congress party has slammed the decision of Election Commission of India which gave CM PS Tamang clean chit to contest bypolls today while interacting with media.

He stated that there is a serious issue with ECI giving a clean chit to the CM just a day after BJP and SKM announced pre-poll tie-up for the bypolls.

“It looks like the Constitution is not safe. How can ECI give a clean chit when the case of illegal appointment of CM Golay is under observation at the Supreme Court,” he questioned.

He also announced that looking at the present situation of malpractices, the state unit of the Indian National Congress has decided to boycott the byepolls for three constituencies.

Blasting the regional parties of Sikkim SDF and SKM, he stated that these parties have always betrayed the people by stoking regional sentiments and accused them for bringing the BJP in Sikkim’s politics.

Further he critisised Governor Ganga Prasad for appointing PS Tamang as the CM of Sikkim despite his conviction in the corruption case.

Updated by: News Sources 2019-09-30 5:58 PM