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Nagaland: ‘We are committed to conclude Naga Accord by year end’: Ram Madhav

Nagaland , 2019-09-19 5:17 PM
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BJP National General Secretary and In-charge NE & Kashmir, Ram Madhav, while addressing a meeting on Article 370 Sampark Abhiyan under Jan Jagran Abhiyan at Tiyi hall, Wokha, Nagaland stated that the party is committed to concluding the long-pending Naga issue by the end of this year.

Madhav said, “we are committed to conclude the Naga Accord by the end of this yeat so that peace and prosperity will prevail in the state”.

Ram Madhav allaying apprehension over the abrogation of Art 370 in J&K and its possible impact said that the future of Nagaland is in very safe hands with PM Modi and the present BJP leadership in the state.

Madhav reassured the Naga people that Nagaland is in safe hands and there was no comparison between Art370 and Art371 as Art370 did not recognize the sovereignty and integrity of the Indian Government, whereas Art371 A does not question the Indian Government and the Indian state.

Madhav referring to its alliance partner NDPP once again iterated that the seat-sharing arrangement between NDPP and BJP was a gentlemanly agreement and will complete its term.

The meeting was attended by a host of BJP leaders and party workers from across the state.

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