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In North East News CAB reality in Northeast: Fallen demi-gods cry in wilderness

Universal , 2019-12-03 10:40 AM
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There is no dearth of pretenders in this nation. These hypocrites often spread a drama that they were / are not aware of a certain development or truth that, in turn, has led / is leading to a chain of developments that is contrary to their interests.

The fact that they are often a party to such development or truth is even more condemnable.

With regard to the highly controversial Citizenship (Amendment) Bill (CAB), a huge section of Assam's mighty-mouthed indigenous communities is proving to be superlative pretenders when taking into account the results of the 2019 poll.

Recalling the emergence of the CAB, it may be said that, with regard to Assam, the purpose of the Bill that lapsed at the end of the last Lok Sabha was to make the State the home of tens of millions of illegal Hindu immigrants (Hindu Bangladeshis) who had already entered the State until 2014.

The reason given is Bangladesh's persecution of Hindus.

Significantly, New Delhi never raised a voice in front of Dhaka or international bodies like the UNO against such supposed oppression.

This leads to a question as to how real the claim can be of how fictional.

Most unfortunately, not a single son/daughter of the indigenous communities of Assam could so far dare to question Delhi on the authenticity of the allegation.

At this juncture it may be pointed out that in the case of Assam, it is the Hindu Bangladeshis that matter, not the Hindu Pakistanis or the Hindu Afghans, to the degree that the CAB is considered.

The protection granted to illegal Hindu immigrants under the 2016 BIll was also granted to people of all other religions, except the Muslims, at least theoretically.

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