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Assam: Playing flute in Lord Krishna’s style can make cows produce more milk, claims BJP MLA

Assam , 2019-08-27 4:50 PM
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A BJP MLA from Assam, Dilip Kumar Paul claimed on Sunday that a cow will provide more amount of milk if a flute is played. Paul said this in an opening ceremony of a folk festival held in Silchar on Sunday evening.

The two-time MLA from Silchar said that when a flute is played in Lord Krishna’s special tune, the amount of milk increases multiple times.

Paul said that it has been proven by modern scientists that if a flute is played in a special tune like how Lord Krishna used to do, the amount of milk increases multiple times, this was the science of ancient times and we are going to bring this technique back to modern times, he said.

He added that he doesn’t consider himself as a scientist but with vast knowledge in Indian traditional study, the claims are true and scientists nowadays have started believing in these ideas.

In the year 2014, after winning a by-poll to a seat in Silchar constituency, Paul was first elected to the state legislative Assembly. He was re-elected 17 months later after beating Bithika Dev, wife of former Union minister Santosh Mohan Dev, with a record 39,000 votes. Paul was elected as deputy speaker in the Assam Assembly, a rare achievement for a Bengali speaking MLA in Assam.

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