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SIKKIM: Bangladesh HC Syed Muazzem Ali calls on CM PS Tamang

Sikkim , 2019-09-17 5:19 PM
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High Commissioner of Bangladesh, Syed Muazzem Ali called on the Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang at Samman Bhawan, Gangtok on Monday.

He was accompanied by Minister High Commission of Bangladesh, Zahid –Ul- Islam.

During the call on, the High Commissioner congratulated the Chief Minister and informed about the congenial relationship maintained between India and Bangladesh. He revealed that there is no place for terrorism in his country and they believe in a peaceful relationship with the neighbours. The desire of reforming connectivity like road, airlines, shipping, coastal and improvement in four-lane highway road may allow us to travel in a car to Bangladesh and Sikkim, he said.

Underlining the necessity of power in the country, he reiterated that the population of Bangladesh is over 160 million and no petrol and hydrocarbon is available in the country, which has to be imported. Similarly, the need for power may also be very high in the coming days.

Ali also informed that Bangladesh is in 4th position as a rice producer, viz. China, India Indonesia and Bangladesh.

For enrichment in mutual relationship with other states, he said that Bangladesh and Sikkim will have to extend intensive relation and develop in many fields. The high commissioner also invited the Chief Minister to visit Bangladesh.

Chief Minister thanked the High Commissioner for his visit to Sikkim and mentioned that we could develop Health and religious (Pilgrimage) tourism, besides other natural places of interests in Sikkim. Prosperity and thrive in Hydropower projects in Sikkim may be useful for Bangladesh in future. In most of the sectors, we can collaborate to be affluent with each other.

It was also discussed that tourism facilitating centre if established in Foolbaari, Siliguri, granting convenience to the visitors from Bangladesh, for preparation of required documents like VISA, would be a great avenue, so that the tourists may feel convenient to come to Sikkim.

The Chief Minister also proposed for Bagdogra –Dhaka flight operation for the convenience of the tourists visiting Sikkim. Development of North- East is on top priority for the multi-dimensional enhancement of the concerned states and the neighbouring countries, he articulated.

The Chief Minister also informed about the policy introduced by the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi regarding ‘Neighbourhood  First’ which is being followed by the Chief Minister with utmost sincerity, developing hospitable relation in the neighbourhood.

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