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ONGC’s drinking water project inaugurated at Sivasagar school

Assam , 2019-11-30 2:40 PM
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As part of its CSR programme, the Oil and Natural Gas Commission (ONGC) initiated a Drinking Water Project at Dhitaipukhuri High School in Sivasagar district of eastern Assam on Friday.

At the inauguration of the venture, Executive Director and Asset Manager, ONGC, Assam Asset, Sanjeev Kakran stressed that ONGC has a deep and specific emotional connection with the Assam people.

He said that ONGC is always committed to the state's growth.

The ED also added that ONGC is focusing on empowering people through CSR initiatives and that ONGC is looking to work as a regional development team with local people.

Addressing the students, teachers and parents assembled on the occasion Kakran underlined that future of the nation depends on the students and ‘we all have to come forward to provide them right platform for growth & development imparting value education’.

Kakran interacted personally with Dhitaipukhuri High School students and teachers about the school's various facilities and how ONGC can complement the school's further infrastructural growth.

He declared financial support for Rs 20,000 to buy musical instruments for the students and made sure to extend funding for the students to the school's existing computer lab.

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