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National News : Babul Supriyo terms Dilip Ghosh’s ‘shot like dogs’ remark as very irresponsible

Universal , 2020-01-13 5:44 PM
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The West Bengal BJP leader came in from the union minister of his own party for severe criticism for remarks on CAA protesters. Babul Supriyo slammed Dilip Ghosh on Monday during NRC, CAA protests, for his remark about violence in UP and Assam.

Supriyo shunned Ghosh's comment about police actions against anti-CAA protesters in BJP-led states such as UP and Assam, and said his party had nothing to do with his argument.

“BJP as a party has nothing to do with what Dilip Ghosh may have said. It is a figment of his imagination and BJP Governments in UP, Assam have NEVER EVER resorted to shooting people for whatever reason whatsoever,” he said on Twitter.

He said that the statement made by Ghosh was highly irresponsible. “Very irresponsible of Dilip Da to have said what he said,” he tweeted.

Ghosh had sparked a controversy on Sunday while addressing a rally in Nadia, West Bengal, when he said the demonstrators were shot dead like dogs by police in BJP-led states.

He blamed police in West Bengal for not taking action during the protests against people who had destroyed public property such as railroad tracks, buses etc. He said that Mamata Banerjee's police registered no FIR against such people while, on the other hand, police in BJP-led states like UP, Karnataka and Assam shot people for damaging public property because  “it was not their father’s property,” he had said.

Source -- The Northeast Today 

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