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Disrespecting Traditions won't be tolerated -- Warns KSU Meghalaya

Meghalaya , 2019-11-07 11:16 PM
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The prominent Khasi Students ' Union (KSU) and the Hynniewtrep Youth Council (HYC), Meghalaya student bodies, shut down all institutions in the East Khasi Hills district jurisdiction on Thursday but remained open on a regional holiday due to Nongkrem Dance.

“The union went and closed down all the banks in Khasi Hills for disregarding our local tradition and culture — Ka Shad Nongkrem (Nongkrem Dance) which is being observed once a year. We cannot just sit quietly and allow these establishments to disrespect our culture,” said Rapborlang Nongrum, a KSU leader.

The unions have warned banks and their workers not to open their branches on special days such as today as a sign of respect for the prevalent traditional practices of the state's indigenous tribes.

Members of the NGOs today went and opened HDFC Bank, Apex Bank, Meghalaya Rural Bank, BOI, Axis Bank, State Bank, Airtel Office, Canara Bank, Shillong Cooperative Trust, Shillong Bank, Punjabi Bank in Shillong.

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