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Birthday of Tripura’s Last King Declared Holiday for the First Time In 70-Years

Tripura , 2019-11-08 4:41 PM
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The BJP-led government in Tripura has declared the birthday of the last state king Maharaja Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya on August 19 as an official holiday from next year for the first time in 70 years since princely state merged with the Indian Union, a state official said here on Friday.

An official of the Tripura government's General Administration Department said the state government agreed to observe its birthday on August 19 as an official holiday from 2020 in view of the huge contribution of state's last king Maharaja Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya.

The official said that by issuing a royal edict on April 28, 1947, King Bikram (1908-1947), who ruled the state from 1923 to May 17, 1947, had agreed to merge Tripura's then princely state with the Indian Union, appointing Barrister Girija Shankar Guha as the representative of his realm at the Constituent Assembly.

Last year, at the behest of the state government, the central government reconstructed the Agartala airport after King Bikram, who established the airport in 1942, which played a crucial role in World War II. The Agartala airport, formerly known as Singerbill Airport, is situated 20 km north of the capital city and is located on the border with Bangladesh.

A college was established earlier in 1947 after the last king's name, while the previous government of the Left Front set up a University and a cricket stadium in Agartala after the Maharaja's name. Tripura formally merged with the Indian Union in October 1949 after several hundred years of rule by 184 kings.

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