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Assam Remembers Chaolung Sukapha

Assam , 2019-12-02 10:58 AM
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Assam is celebrating Asom Divas on Monday in remembrance the glorious contributions of Swargadeo Chaolung Sukapha, the architect of greater Assam.

Earlier it was celebrated as Sukapha Divas.

The day is celebrated in Assam since 1996, December 2 after his journey over the Patkai Hills to mark the advent of the first king of the Ahom kingdom in Assam.

The founder of the Ahom kingdom was Chaolung Sukaphaa (1228–1268), also known as Siu-Ka-Pha, the first Ahom king in medieval Assam.

A Tai prince originally from Mong Mao lived for nearly 600 years, the kingdom he founded in 1228.

In the end, Sukapha united the region's numerous indigenous ethnic groups, leaving a profound impact on the area.

The honorific Chaolung is generally associated with his name in appreciation for his role in the history of Assam.

Sukaphaa was a descendant of the lord Khunlung, who had descended from the heavens and ruled Mong-Ri-Mong-Ram, according to Ahom tradition.

Assam Government has put together a number of programs to celebrate the day.

Earlier, on Saturday at the Banikanta Kakati Auditorium in Srimanta Sankardev Kalakshetra in Guwahati, MyGov Assam organized a state-level quiz competition in association with the Directorate of Cultural Affairs.

The prize money quiz was held across the state on Monday as part of the Asom Divas celebration.

The winners also received certificates of appreciation signed by Sarbananda Sonowal's chief minister of Assam and a bundle of books.

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