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Assam News : Two Nigerian Tourists Who Traveled through Worst Affected Nations, Held in Karimganj

Assam , 2020-03-16 11:42 AM
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Two Nigerian citizens who were traveling on a Guwahati bound bus from Dharmangar, Tripura bearing registration number AS01JC-8052 have been kept in isolation in Karimganj as the fear for Coronavirus mounts in Assam.

According to reports, a team of  Assam Police was on a routine check today near the Karimganj-Tripura border when they held the two Nigerians as a preventive measure against Coronavirus.

The two Nigerian Citizens were identified as Sinedu Nans and Kanu Kingsley. Currently, the two Nigerian citizens are taken to Karimganj Civil hospital where they are being quarantined as they had a travel history of Coronavirus affected areas.

Updated by: News Sources 2020-03-16 11:42 AM