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Assam news : NRC Data Vanished from the official website

Assam , 2020-02-12 11:18 AM
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Believe it or not, online data of the persons included and excluded in Assam NRC are missing from NRC's official web site.

If someone clicks on the space of the NRC website stating ‘Result for all NRC applicants as per Draft NRC & Supplementary list of Inclusion and Exclusion (Final NRC) Link 1 & Link, you will see nothing, except one message ‘this page can’t be reached’.

On 31 August 2019, the final Assam National Register of Citizens (NRC) list was released with the exclusion of over 19 lakh citizens.

The NRC authority had released an exclusion list and an inclusion list prior to the release of the final NRC list.

But the data has vanished from the NRC's official website that was prepared to find out the number of legitimate Indian citizens and identify foreign nationals who entered Assam after midnight on March 24, 1971.

The details of the persons in the exclusion and inclusion lists were made available on the website in October 2019 as per an order of the Supreme Court.

The NRC exercise was carried out in Assam under the direct supervision of the apex court.

The NRC update process was carried out during the tenure of IAS officer and state coordinator Prateek Hajela.

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