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Assam News : 26 Bihu Committees in Dibrugarh Boycotts 6 Assamese Artists including Priyanka Bharali

Assam , 2020-01-10 4:50 PM
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A congregation of 26 Bihu committees in Dibrugarh jointly decided to boycott six Assam artists for the district's upcoming Bihu functions.

The Committee to Support the Citizenship Amendment Act(CAA) has boycotted artists Priyanka Bharali, Krishnamoni Chutia, Nayan Nilim, Akash Deep, Gayatri Mahanta and Pabitra Margherita.

“We have jointly decided to boycott six artistes from the Assam for the upcoming Bhogali and Rongali Bihu celebrations for their stand to the contentious Citizenship Act. They will not be invited to any Bihu function in Dibrugarh” said a committee member.

“These artistes have been extending their support to the anti-Assam act despite knowing the repercussions. The act is a threat to the Assamese community and culture we are extremely saddened that they did not speak up for the sanctity of the state”  he added.

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