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Arunachal Pradesh : Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui wants to shoot his next movie in the state

Arunachal Pradesh , 2020-02-08 2:28 PM
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Nawazudding Siddiqui, who recently visited the Anini Reh Festival in the Dibang Valley district, has decided to shoot his next movie in Arunachal Pradesh. Smitten by its natural beauty, the actor made the decision.

“I came to know about Arunachal Pradesh, its natural beauty and the colourful people only from his (Khandu’s) tweets. He is the best promoter and advertiser of the state,” Nawazuddin said.

“My next film which is in the script stage now was initially planned to be shot in Garhwal, but now I have changed my decision to this Himalayan state now,” he added.

“You will not know but I will tell you. Nowhere in the country have I ever seen such glowing, positive and serene faces. Arunachalees are blessed and you must be proud of it,” he said.

Here is what he wrote on Twitter

“It ws a lifetime moment celebrating #REH Festival & knowing d rare & beautiful form of art in d mesmerising Valley of Dibang in #Anini wid d energetic & dashing CM @PemaKhanduBJP It ws n honor to spend 2 days wid u & witness ur love & care 4 ur people like an elder brother.”

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