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FASTag deferred till Dec 15

Universal , 2019-11-30 12:30 PM
breaking news

On Friday, the Center postponed to December 15 the compulsory introduction of FASTag's electronic toll collection system.

Earlier, according to sources, the government set December 1 as the date for rolling out FASTag across all national highways and selecting state highways.

It has now been decided that by next December 15 all lanes in the fee plazas will be declared FASTag lane of Fee Plaza.' This was done to facilitate sufficient lead time for citizens to get FASTag.

As per the order, one lane will be kept in the toll plaza as a' hybrid lane,' accepting FASTag and other payment methods.

FASTag is an electronic toll connector that is connected to the windscreen of a car.

Basically, this is a sticker that comes with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology that is read automatically by the toll plaza sensors.

This sticker is either connected to a prepaid account such as Paytm or via a bank account.

The amount is automatically deducted when your vehicle crosses any RFID-enabled toll place.

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