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Arunachal Pradesh: After 5 yrs, Nido Tania gets justice; 4 accused convicted

Arunachal Pradesh , 2019-09-05 5:59 PM
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After five years longing for justice, the Delhi Court has convicted four accused in connection with the attack on a student, Nido Tania from Arunachal Pradesh leading to his death in 2014.

The four accused namely Farman, Pawan, Sunder, and Sunny Uppal have been convicted under section 304 part 1/34 IPC for brutally attacking Nido Tania in a market at Lajpat Nagar area in Delhi, five years ago.

The court has slapped a fine of Rs. 20,000 and seven years imprisonment to Farman, Sunder and Pawan respectively, whereas Sunny Uppal has been sentenced to three years imprisonment with a fine of Rs.20, 000.

However, Uppal has intended to file for an appeal against the judgment by the court.

Nido Tania, a college student was attacked on January 29, 2014; he died of severe lung and brain injuries from an attack inflicted upon him in a South Delhi market.

The murder of the 20-year-old, who was from Arunachal Pradesh led to a national debate on discrimination against Indians from the North East.

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