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More Restaurants in Guwahati Issued Shut-Down Notices

Assam , 2019-08-08 3:39 PM
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The Food Safety Department handed a shutdown notice for 7 days to seven more restaurants in the Guwahati Commerce area after the outlets failed to maintain basic hygiene standards.

All restaurants served with the closure notice are from and around the Guwahati Commerce College area.

Some of the restaurants are Kanchan D Corner, Krishna Fast Food, New Momo Ghar, Roll Corner, Red Pepper, and Honey’s: The Food Story and Sikha Fast Food.

According to officials of the Food Safely Department, the water storage tanks were also found dirty and kept in an open space outside the premises which could lead to contamination of water.

All the restaurants were further asked to shut down for 7 days for proper renovation.


Source: Gplus

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