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Assam MLA promise to donate his organs

Assam , 2019-07-27 3:32 PM
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Rupjyoti Kurmi Congress MLA, from Mariani on his 42nd birthday promise to donate his organs and Rs 1 lakh from his salary requesting state govt to purchase an air-ambulance.

Kurmi said, “On 24 July, it was my 42nd birthday. On that day, I had pledged to donate my organs kidney, liver, and eyes.”

He further added, “Suppose there is a patient 400 km away and he needs my heart or kidney or liver, as of now, there is no such system in place in the state by which the patient can get those organs quickly.”

He added “We need an air-ambulance here. For that, I have donated Rs 1 lakh from my salary to the state government,” he said while expressing hope that the rest of the money will be provided by the Assam or Central government.

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