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Music For Change – With the Tagline begins Majuli Music Festival

Assam , 2019-11-08 10:42 AM
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The Majuli Music Festival Foundation will hold its first edition from November 15 to November 17 with the tagline ' Music For Change ' with a vision for promoting rural tourism and boosting the economy, preserving indigenous music, art and culture, and food habits and allowing people to explore Majuli's eco-diversity.

Speaking at a press conference here at the Guwahati Press Club on Wednesday, the organizer said that one of the Majuli Music Festival's primary goals is to spread the message globally through music in order to boost its commitment to the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Lineup, outdoor sports, village biking trip and boating contest in Kerkotiya will be some of the festival's main attractions. In addition to these Majuli Music Festival manifestos, Majuli School of Music is founded so that deprived young generation of the island would have the opportunity to enroll in their field of interest.

A Carbon-neutral initiative is the introduction of E-rickshaw at festival venue to contribute to the carbon-neutral initiative and also an environmental awareness campaign and Mental Health Awareness Campaign to contribute towards Swacch Bharat Mission and to encourage people to break the social stigma associated with mental health disorders by giving them a platform to share their stories.

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