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Meghalaya: Implant mafia runs multi-crore business in NEIGRIHMS, alleges Director

Meghalaya , 2019-10-23 12:49 PM
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NEIGRIHMS director, Dr. Devendra Mohan Thappa said that he fears that there is a threat to his life for exposing the alleged multi-crore business which was being run in the institute.

“I fear that there is a threat to my life for repetitively mentioning about the illegal business which is allegedly being run by an implant mafia belonging to the cardiology department. I am thinking of seeking security,” Dr. Thappa told reporters here today.

Alleging that the syndicate between Cardiology department Head, Dr. Animesh Mishra and the proprietor of Sanju pharmacy has been going on for years, Dr. Thappa said, “Sanju pharmacy is only a face outside and the items belong to somebody else which is a question mark? This is a multi-crore business which was being run under the nose of the institute”.

Informing that he had proposed for a vigilance report and also reported with a clarification which the ministry had asked for on the issue, Thappa said, “Why action was not taken when such a criminal act has taken place with the involvement of senior cardiologist”.

“Why is he not suspended? He should have been suspended and put behind the bars but rather they are shielding the person who is involved and the whistleblower is caught; the thief is scott free and moving around,” he added.

Leveling allegations that Dr. Mishra has been instigating DM students on many an issue which are non-existent, Thappa said, “We have coal mafia, drug mafia and here implant mafia is working who wants the institution to rot”.

Stating that Mishra had told him that he has good connections with politicians, central vigilant commission, CEO Ministry of health and family welfare and that they are all working together in the cardiology department and whatever he (Thappa) did he will not be able to succeed.

“Initially he started misbehaving with me, he also threatened me saying if you come back and visit my department, I will see to it that you don’t exist in this world. There was a threat and now I am fearing because now I am alleging him again and again for his involvement in this multi-crore business for working with Sanju pharmacy and I wanted that this matter to be investigated by CBI,” he said.

Some faculty members also stated that when he was organizing a protest, he (Mishra) said that he can go to any extent to get his work done, Thappa said.

“I strongly believe that there may be some kind of nexus between politicians, he has mobilized members of the governing council against me and he had also worked through the ministry as the ministry was not listening to me and just listening to one party on the basis of the 13 charges that were filed against me and I was absolved in April 2019”.

“How is it that in four months I have new charges developed when I have not been given the opportunity to prove,” he added.

Stating that from the 28 department, only Mishra from one department finds me wrong while the 27 departments and other faculty members does not,” Thappa said, “Except for one person who was working as a kingpin who had misbehaved with the previous director, physically assaulted him inside the campus; so you can imagine what would be my fate and so I would be asking for extra security so that by the time I go I should go back safely”.

“If the council does not have faith in me why should I work? I want to exit gracefully,” he added.

Meanwhile, when contacted, Head of the Cardiology Department, Dr. Animesh Mishra has refused to comment on the issue.

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