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Local human traffickers with international nexus exposed in Assam

Assam , 2019-09-16 5:16 PM
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Assam is now turning out to be the hunting ground for local human traffickers having interstate and international nexus. It is a matter of serious concern that these racketeers are constantly changing their modus operandi to carry out their rather profitable illegal business. They are using social media as their prime tool to lure victims from economically poor families with lucrative jobs. As much as 80 percent of their victims are women and children. They target women mainly below 20 years of age. The six most vulnerable districts in the State are Sonitpur, Lakhimpur, Morigaon, Kokrajhar, Dhubri, and Karbi Anglong informed Assam police sources.

What is more, the human traffickers in the Northeast are making Rangia and Guwahati their transit routes. Sources told The Sentinel that the very profitable human trafficking activity is having an interstate link with most of the victims taken to Haryana, Rajasthan, Delhi, Siliguri, and Kerala besides Arunachal Pradesh. However, a more profitable venture for them is to transport these gullible women and children to Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Dubai besides other countries in the Gulf region.

In 2015, Assam topped the list of the States involved in human trafficking with 1,490 cases registered here. Though the trend has comparatively slowed down in the following years, it is still continuing with local agents still on the lookout for vulnerable targets. Many cases, of course, have gone unregistered!

Police registered 91 cases in 2016; 175 in 2017; approximately 238 in 2018; and 87 cases till; June 2019.

From 2013 to 2018, Sonitpur district recorded 95 such cases involving only women; followed by Lakhimpur (56 cases), Morigaon (54 cases), and Kokrajhar (46 cases).

The males are made to do manual work while the females are used for diversified activities including forced marriages, flesh trade, and household helpers.

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