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Assam records maximum crime against women

Assam , 2019-10-23 12:22 PM
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Assam, a state in Northeast India, has shocked the people for its highest record of crime against women.

The statement is according to the National Crime Records Bureau’s latest data for 2017 published on Monday.

The categories under which Assam has recorded the maximum rate of crime in the country are related to kidnapping, forcing marriage, cruelty by husband and or his relatives.

The crime rate is calculated as a crime per one lakh of the population. Assam recorded rate was 143.6, followed by Delhi (133.3). In absolute terms, 23,082 cases of crimes against women involving 24,449 numbers of victims were reported in the state in 2017 up from 20,869 registered in 2016.

According to the data, in 2017, there were 27 cases of murder with rape and gang rape recorded in Assam, 193 dowry deaths, 43 abetment to suicide, three victims of acid attacks, 10,598 victims of cruelty by husband or his relatives, 5703 victims and kidnapping, 123 victims of human trafficking, 14 cases of selling minor girls, 2048 rape victims, of which 100 are below 18 years of age, 3569 cases of assault to outrage the modesty of woman.

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