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Assam News : Two poachers held in Jorhat, rhino horn recovered

Assam , 2020-02-06 3:47 PM
breaking news

Two poachers were arrested from Jorhat district of upper Assam, and a rhino horn was recovered from their custody.

Police said the rhino poachers were arrested at around 4:30 pm on Wednesday from Kharikatia Tea Garden under Titabar police station along with a 600-gram rhino horn, operating on secret information.

The arrested poachers were identified as Kharikatia's Rajesh Karmakar, of Bengenakhowa, Golaghat's Titabar and Rahul Pegu, and one suspected Rhino horn was recovered.

The duo had reportedly been linked to some local poachers and performing illegal acts such as rhino poaching in Orang National Park (ONP) and Kaziranga National Park (KNP).

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