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Assam: 2-months pregnant woman stripped, beaten in PS at Darrang

Assam , 2019-09-17 5:29 PM
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In a horrific incident, a pregnant woman was allegedly stripped and beaten by the police during an interrogation session at Burha Police Outpost in Darrang district on September 9.

According to local media reports, the woman was 2-months pregnant and was called in for interrogation from Guwahati along with two other women wherein the main accused in the case was missing. The other two women were also stripped naked and beaten all through the night.

The pregnant woman had alleged that the Officer-in-charge of the police station, Mahindra Sarma along with a lady constable had beaten her up on her private parts.

She informed that she pleaded the officer not to hit her as she was pregnant but despite her repeated request, the police continued beating her. The incident came into light after a video surfaced online.

The three women tried to register a case at Darrang police station but their case was not registered.

However, the family members of the victim have demanded an investigation into the matter.

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