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27-year-old veterinarian raped and murdered, charred body found

Universal , 2019-11-30 11:11 AM
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A 27-year-old veterinarian, Dr. Potula Priyanka Reddy, was brutally murdered in a horrific incident and her body was set on fire after reportedly raping her outside Hyderabad on Wednesday night. In connection with the case, four people were reportedly arrested.

The four accused had pre-planned the attack, according to the documents, after they realized the victim had parked her two-wheeler at the Tondupally toll square. The accused believed the lady would come later in the evening to pick it up. The accused deflated the tyre afterwards.

She noticed a flat tyre as Priyanka Reddy returned from work a little after 8 p.m. to pick up her vehicle. She called her sister immediately, suggesting she would leave her two-wheeler at the toll plaza and take home a cab. Two men confronted her before she could, offering to take her car for repair.

The woman was allegedly ambushed by the accused barely 50 meters from Tondupally toll plaza behind a line of trucks parked near the road and dragged into the bushes. Her charred body was found today morning under an underpass.

The accused took her body to a bridge under construction a few kilometers away and set it on fire, according to police. Police said the victim's innerwear and some other items, including an alcohol bottle found about 100 meters from the location, led them to believe they had been sexually assaulted before they were killed.


Family members of the victim said the Priyanka reddy reported for duty at their workplace in Kollur in the district of Mahbubnagar and returned in the afternoon to their residence. She left her residence on a two-wheeler about 5.30 p.m. to visit a dermatologist for a skin problem at a private hospital in Gachibowli.

She parked her car at the Outer Ring Road (ORR) Tondupally toll square in Shamshabad. She took a shared taxi from there to reach Gachibowli and met at the hospital with the skin specialist.

The CCTV footage from near the toll plaza allegedly showed her walking around 8 p.m. to her scooter. Two people, who are believed to be truck drivers, told her that her tyre was flat when she reached her vehicle.

Speaking on the phone, Priyanka encouraged her sister Bhavya to keep talking to her because the situation wasn't all right and she felt scared. As soon as Priyanka became suddenly incommunicado, her family approached the Shamshabad police and a missing case was reported.

Milk vendor S S Sathyam reportedly found a body burning on Thursday morning under a flyover underpass on NH-44. He called the village elders immediately, who were informing the local police.

The Cyberabad police soon arrived and found that it was a murder. They later verified the recent missing complaints. On Wednesday night, the Shamshabad police had received a complaint of a veterinary doctor missing. When her family reached the spot where the fully charred body was found, they established its identity based on a scarf and a Ganesha locket around the victim’s neck.

“The victim’s bike was found at Kothur, while her mobile phone and purse are missing,” Cyberabad police commissioner VC Sajjanar confirmed.

The police stated that number plates of the two-wheeler were missing. They added that the accused drove her bike 30 km away from the toll plaza, who might have removed them before abandoning it. A driver and cleaner of a lorry have been detained in connection with the case.

Hyderabad police have stated that dog squads and special teams have been set to work to nab the culprits. The police are scanning the CCTV footage of the area.


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