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Hornbill festival in Kohima

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Hornbill Festival is the most famous festival celebrations of Nagaland and this is the recent North East News, It is celebrated each year from first to the tenth of December. The Hornbill Festival is known as the most important festival of Nagas. The North East News is that a big social event is arranged for fun celebrations through drinking, dancing, singing, and eating. The Hornbill Festival is perhaps the biggest festival of the indigenous warrior clans of Nagaland. Naga individuals have a beautiful tradition to maintain their one of a kind customs, culture, and heritage. Hence, people visit there and book Nagaland Hornbill Festival trips so they can enjoy and love the uniqueness of the Nagaland tribe people and spend their time with local people.

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Regardless of this modern world and technology going into their lives, the North East News is that these people have protected their traditions and heritage. The state is known as the 'Place that is known for Festivals' and individuals wondering here have a love to celebrate the deeds of their antiquated warriors and folk heroes. Besides, the fusion that shows romantic tales, folk tunes, and gospel melodies are likewise enjoyed. This festival is named after Hornbill, known as the respected bird species in the state. Surprisingly, the significance of the bird is reflected in a few inborn cultural systems, tunes, and dance. Practically 85% of the state's population still relies upon agriculture for their livelihood. So the majority of their traditions, rituals, and activities go around farming.

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Every one of the tribes and their subtribes in the state has its own methods for developing their cultural way of life. Notwithstanding their traditional clothing which is diverse for every tribe, there are multi-shaded trends, Dao's with goat's hair dye. The colorful headgears and ivory armlets are also well known traditional things of Nagas which capture everyone's attention. Earlier, the fighters needed to show their bravery, to wear these.

How long is the Hornbill festival celebrated according to North east news?

Hornbill Festival is celebrated every year during the week of seven days long in December as per North East News, for example from the day first of December to the tenth of December.


The Hornbill festival is held every year at the Naga Heritage Village in Kisama, which is situated around 12 kilometers from Nagaland’s capital, Kohima. It starts at 9 am each day. You can arrive at the venue by booking a cab or taxi. Get the tickets from entry fate and go through the security check. In any case, ensure you have a pass to park the vehicle at the site.

Hornbill festival, likewise referred locally as the Festival of Festivals', is arranged out by State Tourism and Arts and Culture Department, Government of Nagaland. The event is celebrated to energize the tribe people and develop colorful culture and customs. The visual retreat further shows their traditions, customs, and rituals just as to safeguard their heritage. Voyagers are heartily invited and are well treated. The festivals are visited and celebrated by all the significant tribes of Nagaland who present themselves with different expressions, folk melodies, dance performances, and games. There are various displays of handicraft things, handloom, multi-cooking styles, local nourishment stalls. So, those people who are interested to work and have the talent can go with the Career in north east.


Nights are lit by the exciting Hornbill National Rock Concert in which bands from everywhere throughout the nation and abroad take part in the competition. This is trailed by the astounding Night Market in the town. But, the most appealing and not to miss the event at the festival is Naga chilly eating competition. Also, the pork eating celebration which draws a ton of crowd inspires a lot of energy.

Activities in Hornbill Festival

Find out about arts traditions, folk tunes, and games. Even people make their Career in north east with their talents and also display them in the festival of Hornbill.

Find out about ancestral life knowing more about their huts, wooden carvings and drum instruments beating at the end of the day.

Take an interest and participate in Naga Chili eating competition known as the most blazing occasion.

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Tips for Travelers visiting the Hornbill Festival

The accompanying travel tips will be convenient in case you are intending to go to the Hornbill Festival. Another key point to note is that the celebration starts from December 1, which is likewise celebrated as the Nagaland Formation Day. So, book your tickets and plan tours accordingly.


The celebration is one of the top tourist destinations, that draws a ton of voyagers from in and around the Nagaland State. So, make a point to have your bookings beforehand to maintain a strategic distance from any problems later on.

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