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Universal News : Assam’s Mekhela Chador dazzles at London Fashion Week

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On February 15, London Fashion Week witnessed the presentation of the Assam's iconic' Mekhela Chador' along with a variety of traditional Indian wear.

As part of the celebration of India Day at the London Fashion Week, designers from the Inter National Institute of Fashion Design (INIFD), sponsored by the London School of Trends, showcased some of their creations to the world's public. Indian High Commission organized India Day in London.

Models walked the ramp donning the Mekhela Chador, Baluchari, Kashmiri, Kasavu, Chikan Sarees, Chanderi and other traditional dresses from various parts of India. It was the first time an India Day was organized as part of the prominent event which was held from February 14-18.

Updated by: News Sources 2020-02-19 3:03 PM