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Assam Tea Sets World Record with Tea sold at Rs.70,501 Per Kg at the Auction

Assam , 2019-07-31 4:15 PM
breaking news

Assam is already world-wide known for its tea, proving it time and again by grabbing the attention of its superior quality. But with the recent auction, it has proved to be the best tea producer in the world.

At the Guwahati Tea Auction Centre, a world record is created when back to back the Assam tea is setting the highest record price. After barely 24 hours since the record-breaking auction of Manohari Gold Tea from the Manohari Tea Estate in Dibrugarh at Rs.50,000 per kg, another tea is setting a world record, Gold tips from the Maijan Tea Estate of Assam Company India Limited were sold for Rs.70501 per kg on Wednesday 31st July 2019.

The Mundhra tea Company of Guwahati purchased the tea from Maijan Tea Estate which will be shared between Steven Plaizer from Belgium and an online tea stored based in Guwahati- Namah marketing.

The GTAC confirmed that this is the highest recorded price for any variety of tea sold in Assam through a public auction.

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