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Nagaland: More than 200 bottles of banned cough syrup confiscated in Phek

Nagaland , 2019-08-12 1:01 PM
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Nagaland Police found 205 bottles of illegal cough syrup belonging to Jagat pharmacy in Lanyi check gate of Phek district.

The police have the license of Jagat pharmacy canceled on the grounds of illegitimate purchase of the drug, reported by the Superintendent of Police, Vrinda Shukla.

Phek police have also begun the process of applying for cancellation of drug licenses of errant pharmacies to achieve effective deterrence against illegal procurement and sale of prohibited substances like codeine which are commonly found in cough syrup.

SP Phek has also directed all police stations in the district to immediately apply for cancellation of drug licenses against pharmacies found selling psychotropic substances, which are being rampantly abused by youth.

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