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Fear grips Nagaland as assassination attempt on NSCN-R leader may lead to factional clash

Nagaland , 2019-08-21 3:37 PM
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To what is being reported as an Internal Factional Clash and an assassination attempt on Tuesday at around 5:45 pm, some unknown armed miscreants came in two vehicles and tried to enter inside the residence of one SS Defence Kilonser, Khekato Kinny, who is also reportedly the UT-I Supervisor of NSCN-Reformation (R).

According to sources, the armed miscreants had fired at Khekato, who sustained bullet injury on the leg. The incident occurred at 3rd Mile, Chekiye Village, Dimapur. Officials informed that Khekato was rushed to the hospital and is now stable.

According to official sources, the unknown miscreants are reportedly suspected to be from the NSCN-IM faction.

It may also be mentioned that barely four days ago some unidentified masked gunmen shot dead a senior NSCN (I-M) functionary, ‘major’ Toishe Yeptho at point-blank range inside his residence at Purana Bazaar-B, Unity colony, Dimapur on 16 July around 7.30 p.m and so far, there has been no breakthrough in the case.

There are high fear and apprehension that such activities taking place in the state have every possibility of leading to an internal factional clash.

Meanwhile, the NSCN/GPRN (Reformation) in a press statement issued by its MIP vehemently condemned the assassination attempt without any provocations on UT1 Supervisor and Defence Kilonser, Khekato Kinny who sustained injuries.

NSCN-R alleged the attempt to be perpetrated by the NSCN (IM), led by one Col. Khehoto of Kichilimi Village.

The release stated, “Khehoto who came with his boys at around 05:00 PM on August 20 and blindly fired without taking any regards and exception, that Khekato was with his family and Children”.

The NSCN wandered as to what was the reason behind the offensive action, especially at the time Nagas when Nagas were yearning for peace and trying to hammer out Political Solution with the GoI.

The NSCN-R also warned that the faction is also well equipped to be defensive and that it will go to any extent to thwart any threat directed towards the group.

The faction, however, maintained that with the ongoing political peace talks, as said by the centre to be in the most advanced stage, the NSCN-R stated that group is restraining to the most possible extent due to Naga people’s call for peace.

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